Inspired by the world around me.

Message from the Artist

‘I use my immediate environment as my canvas; my source for inspiration and motivation guiding me through the endless possibilities that sound offers. My hope is that uniting different modes of composition, the electroacoustic, the soundscape and the acoustic, into one harmonious battle speaks to whoever dares to listen.’

Hello everyone. Welcome to my site, a haven of musical adventure and experimentation -the definition of the term ‘musical’ used in a loose manner. I fell in love with the idea of music being more than just a few recognizable notes put together in a specific order. Particularly the fact that the music industry is adapting to the new technologies being created everyday and giving us musicians the chance to experiment and expand on our traditional notions of music and embrace the marriage between technology and music.

My journey into creating innovative sounds from scratch and using technology to push the boundaries and expectations of that one particular sound, resulted in a passion for composing sonic art. In my art, i embrace context rather than recognisability, feeling rather than rhythm – although, depending on how much you are in tune with self, there is some rhythmic quality to feeling- resulting patterns rather than initial progressions. My goal is simple, invite you into my interpretation of “things”, sonically.

From time to time, i also put on the Sound Engineer and Music Composer hat to satiate my immense pleasure in ‘creating’, ‘fixing’ and ‘enhancing’ to create products that you, the audience, will experience and undoubtedly enjoy- there goes the ‘pride in my work’ horn peering out from underneath the confines of my ‘humble’ demeanor. Click on the Sound Engineer/Music Composer tab to find out more about the projects I am currently involved in. It all aligns, somehow, with my journey into sound manipulation, experimentation and exploration.

What can I say, I’m a Jackie-of-all-trades.  #LoveANDLight.